Hey there! I am an artist and illustrator based in Austin, Texas. I graduated from Northern Kentucky University with my BFA in 2009 and finished a five year term in the US Army, winding up in the ATX in 2014. Prior to diving into my current field, I had the opportunity to develop creative content as a marketing and PR manager. I developed content for clients in such markets as: space, technology start-ups, entertainment, education.

Much of my current works are in pen and ink mediums. Allowing me to create pieces with rich color palettes and detailed line work - giving form to my gestural brush strokes. I apply this technique to my exploration of themes in the symbiosis of nature, technology, and spiritualism. As well as playing with light and holy iconography in the emphasis of their importance in our society.

I also like to dabble in many other mediums such as marker in the series called: This Modern Life of Rocko. Portraits depicting my dog Rocko as various personalities in pop culture - and if you live in Austin, you may have seen one or two around the city in sticker form.

Inspirations: Winsor McCay, Frank Quitely, Geoff Darrow, David Mack, Rafael Grampa, Sam Flores, J.M.W. Turner, William Stanley Haseltine.

I am a colleague of the United States Veterans' Artists Alliance (USVAA) The organization is dedicated to supporting veteran artists and creatives. www.usvaa.org