Tribute to the Queen


Faroni Seas - On Earth, sea fairing crews paid homage to their idols seeking safe passage and a fruitful voyage. Invoking their name in prayer, and presenting offerings - burnt or otherwise. Sailors and pirates quite often submitting to the whims of an oceanic beauty, queen of the deep, ladies of the lake. Mysterious maidens to which these crews have unwavering love for. Those maidens were folklore and fairy tales, unlike this gigantic Paronese mermaid – the love of the entire crew aboard this mining-mech. They’ve gone to great lengths to bring her a lustrous negligée, encased in a stolen shuttle.

When humans crossed the edges of our system it brought upon a new era of unbridled exploration. The Magellan Chronicles is an astro-explorers guild devoted to discovering the hidden world across our cosmos, as sapiens push the boundaries of a never-ending frontier. Its ships traverse the void with crews of bold scientists, experts in fields of zoology, anthropology and biology- eager to seek and understand the unknown. Cataloguing an interstellar menagerie of astounding ecosystems and enigmatic cultures.

Correspondences from our teams are received off Moebius Line satellites and translated by diligent scribes. A highly chromatic depiction of the universe’s surreal existence in vibrant India inks. Each indexed in a comprehensive collection of illuminating tales, intended to rekindle a spark of wonder in Earth-Sapiens: The Magellan Chronicles Vol. 0.